Friday, December 5, 2008

Five Months

Dear Chewie,

I can't believe how time is flying. You are the absolute best part of my day. I love how you wake up, it's like each time you open your eyes from sleeping you are SO excited to see me, and smile and laugh and kick your feet until i pick you up out of your crib. Your laughter is contagious and no matter how tired i am and how worn out i feel, you lift me up and make me feel i can do anything.

You are getting stronger all the time, and you have no patience for sitting or laying down, you must be STANDING at all times! And to achieve this you will grab our hands and pull yourself up until you can look around. At first you were very wobbly, and you still are, but your core strength is improving every day. We still try to put you on your tummy, but you hate tummy time. Too bad for you baby, because you need to be on your tummy so you can learn to push yourself up so you can learn to crawl.

The past month you have increased your Drool Output by 200% and will literally soak through a bib in minutes. Where does all that drool come from? Do you have a secret drool storage tank under your Onesie? In fact, as i write this letter to you, you are blowing spit bubbles at your dad while he holds you.

You've started imitating the faces we make, and there's nothing more fun than sticking our tongues out at each other for twenty minutes, or watching you discover that you TOO have eyebrows.

So much drool, followed by fever and the urge to bite down on my finger...or my nipple (ouch) leads us to believe that you're going through the motions of teething. Those days are tough cuz there's no way of making you feel better, aside of some Infant Tylenol and something cool to chomp on.

We've been working on your bedtime routine, and some days you go down like nothing! You just lay your head down, look up at the ceiling for a few minutes - then drift off to sleep sucking on your fist, or your Giraffe who we named Maynard. But tonight is not one of those nights, and you are fighting it with every fibre of your being. It's tough, and i have to fight every one of my urges not to run in there and make you feel better when you cry. But i know deep down that giving you the chance to learn how to self-sooth will be much more beneficial to you in the long run than satisfying my need to not let you cry. We've even had a few nights of solid sleep around here! Not every night, but once in a while you grace me with a good solid seven hours and i always wake up amazed.

I love you so much, and it's hard to even remember a time when you weren't around, and even today i was looking back at some videos and photos of the few days after you were born and it's hard to imagine that you ever that small. Seeing your tiny head and face, those skinny little arms and legs, and that squeaky baby cry... you were so weak for so long - it seems like a completely different baby from the strong and healthy, chubby little alert man who is developing more of a personality every day.

Love you baby,


teeni said...

He just keeps getting cuter every single day! Is that one of those wrap things that you can carry him in? I LOVE those things. You two are adorable. I can see him looking more like each of you in different ways.

Lindsay said...

Try some homeopathic Camilia for the teething. it works wonders for my little guy.

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