Thursday, September 23, 2010

he wants to bowl with the gangstas

This is Chewie's new favourite song.
How do i know this? Because the second we get in the car he says; "I want White and Nerrrrdy Mama"
Or if we're sitting at the dinner table: "I want White and NEerrrrdy Mama!"

So, this song has been getting serious PLAY at my house.  And when Chewie bobs his little head and sings along... ".....NERRRRDY!........NERRRDY!!......"  it's too frikkin' cute. 

He's getting more and more hilarious every day, and more and more conversational.  It's hard to remember that he used to be a baby that did nothing but eat sleep and poop.

Really, though, this post is to distract me from the fact that i'm at 30 1/2 weeks right now.  Only a hop skip and a jump from where i was when i delivered early.  I'd be lying if i said i'm not TOTALLY freaked out.  I am. 

And it's made even worse by the fact that the past couple of weeks have been very uncomfortable.  Last night before bed my stomach clenched and was hard as a rock!  Braxton Hicks?  and then early this morning, i woke up to crampy type pains on the right side of my belly, and today i am extremely puffy.  So i'm chugging down the water, and trying to breathe and not think about it. 

I have to focus on November 7th.  That is the magic date - the date where i'm allowed to deliver at home... in water... as per my birth plan.

As we've not decided whether or not Artoo will be our last baby, there's always the thought of "This is it! This is the last time" for all these things.  I just want to have a normal delivery.  I don't want to look back and think that both times i did this i failed. 

Okay, i know i didn't fail - that my body got Chewie out before things got really bad, but it's hard to go to that place when you're already emotional.

So, Dear Artoo.... Please hang in there buddy.  Just for 6 1/2 more weeks.  Then you can come!  Okay? For mama? Thanks.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Haircut

Today Chewie had his very first haircut.

when he was born - they shaved his head to put in IVs in NICU, but that doesn't count...

He spent most of his first year almost bald - and then just like magic - overnight he grew all these adorable curls. 

But after two years, it was time.

He's such a big boy now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

i am the diva's baby - Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Here he is, in all his ultrasound glory - my little squirmy worm. 
Currently, i'm at just about 28 weeks...

Because Chewie was SO EARLY when he was born, i am a high risk for Pre-Term labour, and while B-rad and I have secured the services of a lovely Midwife to do the Home Birth thing, i still had to go and visit with an OBGYN to talk about the risks of preterm labour, etc.

I had a few tests done, a swab to test for any weird bacteria - which came back clean..., Checked the baby's size progress - Artoo weighed 2 lbs at my last ultrasound which is awesome, and she checked the length of my cervix, which was showing at 4 cm, which apparently is good because they typically look for them to be less than 3cm as high risk.

Essentially, i walked out of that office with the words: "Hopefully i never have to see you again" still ringing in my ears... Now we have to keep this baby inside for the next 9 weeks... as 37 weeks is the cut off for the Midwives here to deliver in home.

Other than that, i'm tired.  Back to the tired stage... and there's so much to do... 
with our house in shambles from the flooding - and in the various states of repair, and all the cleaning and sorting to do, all the laundry... it kinda feels overwhelming.  especially when i just feel like sleeping.

Chewie has been super clingy lately - and has been waking up with nightmares again.  He only wants Mama in the morning, and has figured out the difference between Sad and Happy.  So now he says: "Mama, i'm sad! Make me HAPPY!" and then asks for a hug... which is adorable, but when it's all the time it can be a little exhausting as getting my ever growing body down to his height for hugs is getting trickier all the time. 

it's getting hard for me to leave him at daycare.  Mostly because he just really wants to spend time with me - and when i drop him off he cries: "NO! Mama!!  Don't LEAVE ME!!!"  GAH! heart wrenching. 

And i know that the days are limited for one on one time with him.  My little Chewie.  However, i feel that he will always be a mama's boy - and likely Artoo will want nothing to do with me, no cuddles like my Chewie.  (if anything the baby astrology has told me about Scorpios/Sagg's are true)

Chewie has had a few successful attempts on the potty, which is terribly exciting.  My family Doc told me, when she found out i was pregnant again, to not bother trying to train until after the baby came... because we'd just be back at square one as soon as the kiddo makes his way into the world.  That was our plan, but Chewie started showing interest in the potty and actually going on it, so we took our cues from him.  We're not really pushing him, but we do try every night after supper to see if he has to go.  I think it will be much easier when i'm at home all day and will be able to help him get on a potty schedule.  Daycare just screws with that.

So that's what we've been up to. 
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