Monday, January 5, 2009

Six Months

Dear Chewie,

Has it been six months already? Hard to believe that only half a year ago you were making your way into the world - whether we were ready for you or not.

I'm happy to report that you are progressing along quite nicely in line with your corrected age, which is 4 months. Some new discoveries this month include being able to grasp your toys in your hands, but also to be able to hold on to them and bring them to your mouth! And there is no shortage of toys around this place, but even so, your favourite toy is a soft red barn that crinkles when you hold it. You love to make sounds, another discovery this month is the AMOUNT of noise you can make!

Not just crying, but cooing, and blowing bubbles, and babbling, and you've been working on the sound "oo". Boo, Oo, Doo, Pooo. You have also discovered the sounds you can make by scratching the surfaces around you, your change table, or mom's sheets. And you enjoy slamming your hand down on the table when you sit in our laps. So adorable, like you're calling to order some kind of Baby Meeting.

Another fun activity in our house these days is Peek a Boo. You've recently figured out how much fun it is. At first, I tried to play Peek a Boo with you, but you didn't really care for it, until i made YOU the peeker. Once i started covering you with the blanket, you thought it was pretty funny, and just in the last week or so you've been able to transfer peek a boo from you to those around you. Just watching your face change from confusion when we disappear to pure delight when we come back is priceless.

You haven't quite made it all the way over - as far as rolling, although your Grandma M says you rolled over for her i haven't seen it. You come very close, and it's only a matter of time. The stronger you get, the more you try sitting up, and you are getting better at tummy time and will last almost five minutes on your belly before screaming. Good for you.

Your first Christmas came and went relatively quietly. This is mostly because of the surgery i had to have my gallbladder removed - so we were pretty lowkey, which is probably best. There was about a week of long days, interrupted naptimes, bedtime schedule thrown out completely, and with the teething on top of that (still no teeth), some very unhappy moments. But along with those unhappy moments were the smiles that made it all worth while.

You are becoming more and more aware of the environment around you. With longer, more regular naps, you have more periods of being awake.

I just can't even express how much i love you, little man. You have changed my life completely, for the better. Whoever said that having a baby is like watching your heart walk around outside your body had it spot on.

Yes, i am more exhausted than i have ever been, i haven't had a good night sleep in half a year, the laundry is constantly backed up, i haven't seen my bedroom floor in ages, i constantly smell like baby puke, i haven't worn clean clothes in six months... but it's all been worth it.

Love you Forever,


Pierrette said...

I think it took 1 month or so before I saw Christophe roll he had done in front of almost everyone before me.

teeni said...

He just looks so perfect. I absolutely love the hats. The second hat picture is my favorite though - it looks like he is so serious and that he has the right attitude, wearing that thing. Like "What're you looking at? Are you looking at ME?" LOL. I just want to eat him up! You couldn't possibly have had a cuter baby! Oh, and the rolling doesn't count until YOU see it anyway. ;)

kaylee said...


王菲Fay said...
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