Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday marked Chewie's first day standing UNASSISTED!!

Granted, it was only for 2 seconds and he didn't know i wasn't holding on to him anymore... but STILL! That's gotta count for something, right?

Oh, and on the crawling front, still will NOT tolerate being on his tummy, and even though he kinda gets the whole scooting thing with his legs, he refuses to bend at the knee or do anything, really, except put his face down on the floor and scream at the injustice of it all.

poor guy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happiness Is...

...walking into your room in the morning saying: "Who's In Here? Who's IN Here!??.....MY BABY!!! Hello Baby!!" you kick your legs and giggle and give me the best smiles every single time.

...the sheer joy you exude

...the way you love the cats, even though they are fairly indifferent towards you.

...preserving your memories in a scrapbook, cuz i'm totally a nerd that way.

...watching your dad play with you. You're very lucky to have such a great daddy.

...the way your chin sticks out when you smile

...eating your toes

...the soft spot where your neck meets your shoulders, and nibbling there

...watching you play and discover the world around you

...the way you grin when you walk to something or someone (with a little help from mom, of course), you look so pleased with yourself.

...the way your eyelashes glisten when they're wet with tears

...the smell of your hair


...the tiny hairs that cover your body, but especially the ones on your ears that light up when you're properly back-lit. la la la la la la la la....... and the other fun noises you make.

...your fascination with ceiling fans

...watching you learn to blow raspberries and covering us all in spit in the process

...the way you constantly wave your left arm in the air... even more so when you're excited about something

...discovering motherhood with you

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Toot

What have i done that's noteworthy?

Well, for starters, it was Chewie's 9month birthday this week signifying that the girl who can barely keep plants alive has successfully been a parent to a LIVING HUMAN BEING for nine months already. Where does the time go?

Also, i have been able to (so far) write Chewie a letter each month archiving his milestones and achievements, both his and mine. (see my sidebar)

ALSO... i managed to get back on a bicycle after crashing and burning and cracking my elbow 4 years ago, and i did NOT die and i did NOT crash... but i was still very tense. i'm getting better all the time, right?

I also spoke to three perfect strangers this week, and went for a walk with my new neighbour... all things that are hard to do when you're shy and not good at small talk.

Yay me. i rawk.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nine Months

Dear Chewie,

So, it's been nine months and here we are at the point where i was going to say something clever like: "You've now been on the outside as long as you were on the inside," but that ship sailed way back at your seven month letter and i missed it! :) ah well.

This month we've managed to get outside of the house and actually do things outside instead of just going from one place to the next. Yes, actual fresh air and Vitamin D! The first such occasion was your first time on the sled your Great Grandpa M gave you for Christmas this year, which also happened to be on one of the freakin' windiest days of all time. It was Stupid Cold, and yet, we all trucked out to Hilly Side for your cousin Eric's birthday/toboggan party. You even rode on a snow machine for your very first time with your dad and your Uncle Doug.

Uhm, Mom... it's really really really REALLY cold out here, can we go home now?

I know that i've said you were long and skinny before, but this month it really began to show. In fact when you went for your last RSV Vaccine, you had actually lost half a pound this month! I measured your height and you only grew a half inch, and when you're only 15 lbs to begin with, losing a half pound is a lot of weight to lose.

nom, nom, nom, nom...

I figured that something like this might happen because it's been such a struggle to get you to eat this month. Every meal time was like Battle time, where in i would generally give in to you and give you a cookie so you would AT LEAST EAT SOMETHING... (don't worry, it's a pablum cookie). I imagine that your aversion to eating had not as much to do with your distaste for food as much as it had to do with the fact that, this month, you cut your second tooth. Hooray! Now you have both bottom teeth, which is pretty darn cute, and you have one wicked bite, letmetellyou. ouch.

Snuggled up with his Sleep Sheep

You have an amazing laugh, which you are seeing fit to share with us more and more. One of my favourite things right now is laying in bed, the three of us, early in the morning before your daddy goes to work. Well, i should say that the fact that you decide to be awake for the day at six in the morning is very much NOT my favourite, but the silver lining is the family time. I don't know why it is that you've decided to switch your internal clock back an hour. Don't you know we live in Saskatchewan and we don't do the Daylight Savings thing here?? Please go back to sleeping until seven... please??

Aside from the waking up early thing, you still aren't sleeping through the night like you did a few months ago... i call those the golden nights.... I don't know whether it's your teeth bothering you, or growth spurts, or what, but we went from 0-1 wake ups a night to 2-3 wake ups. Oh yeah! Another development milestone is that you TOTALLY HAVE the rolling from your back to your tummy thing. The only thing is, you seem to only do this when you're in your crib, trying to sleep... and ultimately you wake up so very very unhappy to be on your stomach. Your dad and i have taken to going in and rolling you over onto your back and hoping that you'll just find your way back to sleep. Sometimes this works. Sometimes. It. Doesn't.

Can you say Ladykiller?

Vocally, you seem to be enhancing your talents, continuing to try new things, new sounds... you've had a lot of fun with blowing raspberries the past few days, and you still enjoy babbling when we motorboat your mouth with our finger. But its the stringing of sounds together that i'm finding fascinating. And in the past month you've said Dadadadadad and momomomomomomomm, much to our delight and to your confusion as to why we're so excited. You have no idea.

The first half is just smiley happy, the second half is babbly motorboaty.

I've also noticed you have been picking up on some of the signs we use in the house on a day to day basis. It didn't take you long to associate the sign for "Change" with having your diaper changed, you picked that up right away...but the other signs have been coming along a bit slower. In the last couple of weeks it seems that you've started recognizing the sign for "Milk" and when i do the sign and ask if you want a drink, you wave your left arm frantically in the air and start smiling and almost hyperventilating. I'm almost certain that you actually asked for milk last week when you were tired and ready for a nap. We keep on keeping on, but it's pretty excited to think that we may eventually have some form of pre-verbal communication. Yay us!

Yeah, i totally make this sweater WORK!

A definite highlight of this months development is the high five. So awesome. You only started doing it a few days ago, but you totally do it. Almost every time i put my hand out and say: "Gimme Five!" you do. That's cool. You continue to find new and hilarious ways to keep your dad and me entertained.

Cutest. Kid. Eva!!!

Still no crawling, and no scooting, and still the general dislike of tummy time of any kind... your dad has been working on getting you to kneel, which you also don't care for, and i have this awful feeling that you're going to just SKIP the whole crawling thing and go straight for the full on run. You have also declared bottles to be for chumps, but will not take any beverages from a sippy cup. No, unless it's coming straight from me, you prefer your juice in a big boy cup like mom and dad's and generally end up drenched.

We had your first excursion out in your stroller - sans car seat, which was exciting but kinda bumpy as we got lodged in some melty-snowy-mud.
We almost had to turn back, but i put my shoulder to the wheel and pushed along.

We purchased your first pair of baby sunglasses which are totally adorable and you generally keep them on, mostly because i put them on you outside when the sun is shining on your face so you get why they're important. We have gone for walks by the river and you even went to your first movie at the Theatre (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Movies for Mommies).

Future's so bright... he's gotta wear shades.

As a mom, i'm finding it amazing how much more energy i have now that it's spring, and getting out and doing things seems exciting and adventurous. I can't wait for all the fun things we'll do. I love you. love you. love you.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

bathroom related tidbits

some things i thought i'd never have to say before becoming a mother:

* B-rad: "Honey!" he calls from the baby's room while changing his diaper
Laura: "what?"
B-rad: "Come here! You have to see this!"
Laura: "See what?"
B-rad: "He's pooping! It looks so weird!"
Laura: "Yeah, i've seen it!"

* "Don't pee on mommy!! And for that matter, if you could refrain from pooping on me too, that'd be just swell"

* "Hey! Where did this poop come from!?" in response to random poop found in the house

* singing to the tune of Mexican Hat Dance: "do-Doo do-Doo do-Doo!! We don't Poop in the Bath!!!"

* while changing a diaper: "Aw, C'mon! puh-lease don't try to eat your poopy diaper!"
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