Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dear Chewie,

yesterday you turned three.  There wasn't anything i could do to stop it - you just keep getting bigger and bigger every day.

Kid, you are frikkin' smart.  I don't know, maybe all three year olds are this smart - that's entirely possible... you figure things out so fast, and you have such a happy demeanor, especially in the morning when you wake up and come out of your big boy room. 

Your flash me that amazing smile and say in a cheerful voice; "Mom! The sun is up - Good Morning!!" - it's hard not to be a morning person with you around being so happy and junk.

You love your little brother.  I'm so happy.  I was worried that you'd feel resentment, but for the most part you just love hugging and kissing your little Artoo, and i can't wait to see you two play together.  I hope you will always stay close.  He's very lucky to have a big brother like you, who loves him and wants to look after him and take care of him.  If i come out of this whole parenting thing with you two being friends, i'll know i've done a good job.

My little emotional boy, you feel everything so strongly.  This, i think, will be both a strength and a weakness.  i feel like your heart is near bursting with joy when we cuddle and kiss and play, but your poor little emotions feel the bad things strongly too.  The other day in the car you told me "Mom, you broke my heart." WHAT?  you were so sad as you looked out the window, and i wasn't exactly sure how i had broken your heart, but you certainly melted mine.

I cannot believe that you are part of me and part of your dad... that through the magic of biology we somehow created such an amazing boy as you.

 i love you so much... even on the days when you drive me crazy and i want to run to the hills - Iron Maiden style. Speaking of music, you have definite tastes and strong feelings about what music is good and what isn't.  You sing more than you used to - by yourself with your toys, in the car, in the bath, on the couch... and it's so freakin' adorable i think i might die sometimes. 

Thank you for choosing me as your mama.  As much as i can't wati to se you grow and learn and explore and do new things and become a man, i want to hold you and cuddle you and listen to your adorable 3 year old voice say things like: "Mama, i love you." or even as simple as "Mom! A mighty machine! over DERE!!" i never want you to figure out the "TH" sound... sigh.

You are magic.
You are brilliant and soulful and full of love and i am so very blessed to be able to watch you grow.

Happy birfday three year old boy.

Love Mama
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