Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seven Months

Dear Chewie,

What is there to report from the past month? Well, we’ve started you on solid foods which has been pretty fun for the most part, and you have already developed a pretty defined list of what you will and will not eat. Sweet Potatoes - Check, Peas - DOUBLE CHECK, Carrots - check, Egg - Check, Rice - check, Banana - CHECK, Apples - Check..... Broccoli - HELLLLS NO! In fact, when you registered what was actually in your mouth you made the sourest face and started spitting and crying and choking as if to say: “Get-it-out-get-it-out-get-it-out!!!” Even my attempts to hide the broccoli in peas was met with the same reaction and then you had enough wouldn’t eat anything more. So, we’re avoiding broccoli.... for NOW.... but we will try again.

After the broccoli fiasco, you are cautious with each spoonful of food i put in your mouth. You hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, making the face of disgust, until you realize that it’s Carrots, and you like carrots. Once you get going, you try to grab the spoon with both hands to “help” me guide the food into your open mouth. I am constantly surprised at how much you can and will eat in one sitting. Just when i think i’ve made you way too much food, you show me up and clean off the plate. With the realization that things that go into your mouth taste good, you’ve been tasting everything you can hold onto and bring to your mouth. Keys, water bottles, books, blankets, toys, shoes, anything. Oh what a world to discover.

What comes with solid food is, you guessed it, solid poop. Ah, yes, how the attitude toward bodily functions has changed in this household over the last seven months. Your dad and i find ourselves, quite regularly, cheering you on when you start to work one out - “that’s it! PUUUUUSH!!! Good for you baby!!!”. Your dad even went so far as to get you your crinkle book for you to read while you pooped. :) just like your papa.

Almost overnight, you took notice of the two fury creatures who co-habit our humble home. Suddenly mom and dad were no longer of interest, no no no! Not when you could look at Kozmo, or Cinda! How excited you get when they walk in the room. You squeal and laugh and practically vibrate with happiness. On the rare occasion where you have been able to touch one of the cats, usually Kozmo, we realize you are not the most gentle of beings. You are a poker, and a prodder, and a puller of ears and whiskers. Luckily, for you, Kozmo seems to be rather patient with you while you yank on his fur, he calmly looks up at us and appears to say that he’ll take exactly 3 more seconds of this before things get nasty. You have yet to be able to maul Cinda, mostly because she is far to skittish to let you anywhere near her for more than 1 second at a time.

My baby, this has been the month i have dubbed: “The Push Mommy’s Buttons and See How Far She’ll Go” month from hell. Not that any of it is really your fault, it just seems that this month in particular i feel like i’m nearing the edge a little bit each day. It seems like you have been working on that first tooth forever and we still have nothing to show for it but tears and sleepless nights. Thank the gods for children’s Tylenol and the homoeopathic teething tablets. If not for them, we might have put you in a basket and sent you down the river, just like Moses. But it’s been a combination of things, my cold, your daddy’s cold, your cold and your teeth, all piled on top of each other at the same time.

There came a point, this month, where i just decided that i couldn’t do the midnight awake times anymore. So, your father and i decided to just let you cry it out. Not that it really took all that long. A good solid 15-20 minutes and you were sleeping again, not waking again until morning. The next night there was one little squawk and you were good. So far out of the two weeks we’ve been doing this, you only woke up twice. Pretty darn good if you ask me. Maybe as a byproduct of that you have been settling into a more routine awake/sleep schedule. Good thing to, as it’s saving my sanity.

Your happy little sounds and gummy grin brighten each and every day, and if i could cuddle you, munch on your cheeks and kiss your round bald head for ever, it wouldn’t be long enough. Each and every day i am amazed at my capacity to love you. Utterly and fantastically amazed.

I will Love you Forever + one day,


teeni said...

Aw, he's just too cute! I love seeing his big round eyes and his smiles. It must hurt to pull your eyes away from him for any length of time.

Pierrette said...

He is adorable...

Our little one loves are cats too, sometimes I think more them mom & dad. However now that he can pick them up by the fur they don't love him back as much :-)

Pierrette from Wiseman Conspiracy

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