Sunday, August 23, 2009


In the grand Scheme of things, Chewie is a very happy - smiley baby. So, when my happy smiley baby turns into Crankster McCrankypants we know that something's up.

It started yesterday, came on really fast actually. We got him up in the morning and he was hot hot heat. Yes, he was. Feverish all day - with Ibupr0fin on and off all day. He was drooling like a crazy mofo... like, more so than any teething episode.

Grouchy, but so cuddly... we didn't do much yesterday - in this FINALLY GORGEOUS WEATHER except hang out together on the 'big bed' watching cartoons and snuggling.

Little Man Chewie wouldn't eat... all day, barely touched a thing, save for a few goldfish crackers and a formula cookie... We started wondering if his throat was sore, because he stopped swallowing all together. He'd drink a bit from his bottle, then it would all drip out his mouth seconds later.

It was late, and he was tired, so we put him to bed and he slept through MOST of the night.

This morning B-rad went fishing... if it had been any other kind of summer, i would have insisted he stay home with me - but the summer was SHIT!! so he only got out fishing, like, twice.

I took Señor Sourpuss to the clinic this afternoon - and the doctor was awesome, so great with Chewie. He showed me how to feel his glands, and they were swollen... "It's definitely his tonsils"

So... Chewie not only inherited my good looks, my dashing smile, and killer eyes - he also inherited my pitiful tonsils. Joy.

After attempting to administer amoxycilin to a squirmy screamy unhappy bébé - and having a mini heart attack when he began to SERIOUSLY choke on it (because he was so unhappy with the whole medicating thing)... his face turned purple, he stopped breathing... and i was just about to blow into full on panic mode when he coughed up the flemmy goo that was stuck in his throat.

The coughing fit that followed was awful, and he practically passed out of exhaustion afterwards.
He's sleeping, now... with the occaisional squeal.

I can only hope that this doesn't become a frequent event, this tonsilitis, but with my own health history - it's fairly likely... i have abnormally large tonsils. It's true. Every doc i've ever seen has told me the same: "Wow! you have abnormally large tonsils!!" and i've always been succeptible to throat problems... let me tell you - when abnormally large tonsils get inflamed, they swell so much they MEET IN THE MIDDLE... which is not too fun and hinders important things, like... oh, i don't know... BREATHING!!

i hope my little munchkin doesn't inherit that from me....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


  • Beautiful, slobbery, open mouthed baby kisses
  • Hysterical laughter when daddy tickles you, or wrestles with you
  • Some of the things you say: Dah-Ooo (thank you), MUM!, Dadadadadadadad,
  • The almost magical sound of your voice when you sing "Iggle Piggle" in the backseat when you think no one's watching
  • Your popeye face
  • Your toothy grin
  • HUGS
  • Cuddles
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