Thursday, March 20, 2008

Better than a Kick in the Face, I always say...

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Today marks the official first day of Spring.

This makes me very excited. The snow is slowly melting off my front yard - and this morning as i scraped the windows of my car i heard birds singing like crazy.

My week of insanity is almost over, and then a four day weekend for me.

But the thing that i'm most excited about is this:
This morning - first day of spring - at about 12:45 am, i felt the very first bona fide baby kick. What were we doing up at late/early? ::blush:: uhm, wrestling....yeah, that's it....

B-rad says it was a "Way to go Daddy!" kick from Chewie.

It was awesome.

B-rad tried to feel the next one, but the next one didn't come. i doubt he'd be able to feel it at this stage anyway.


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