Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Growing Vocabulary! There will be a test after.

Here are some of the words coming out of Chewie's mouth these days:
  • Melmo (elmo)
  • Meeaw (meow)
  • ewboa (elbow)
  • Moosh (moose)
  • annie bum (auntie pam)
  • dish? (what's this?)
  • poopee (puppy)
  • PEEPEE (Well, that one's pretty self explanatory, i think)
  • Hewwow! (Hello!)
  • Byeebyee (byebye)
  • Nah-Nah (Night Night)
  • GO! (go!)
  • noshe (nose)
  • eyeees (eyes)
  • Kaw Kaw! (bird)
  • Moo! (cow)
  • Payy! (play! <-- generally accompanied by him handing us some type of musical instrument)
  • jooos (juice)
  • da-dun (all done)
  • doh noo! (don't know!)
  • Boosh (boots)
  • kar (guitar)
  • brroom (car)
Every day brings a new word. This age is so fun.

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