Tuesday, June 1, 2010

not one of my finer moments

okay, someone needs to tell me how to deal with the temper melt downs, because i have to admit - i'm not handling them well.

and while we're at it, if someone knows a way to make an almost 2 year old refrain from screaming everything at the top of his lungs, that'd be helpful too.

i can feel that my patience is wearing thin and its kind of terrifying. 

Tonight while getting better for bedtime, Chewie was absolutely having a screamfest meltdown.  we were on the floor and i was trying to get his diaper changed ...he reached out for me and pinched my throat with both hands.  I was just at the end of my rope, and what i did...sigh... i was so frustrated i just growled loud and long and terrifying. 

picture that scene from Monsters Inc where Sully is put on the spot to do a Scare Demonstration and little Boo is hiding by the bed and seeing his full monstrosity is terrified and starts crying and runs away.  Well, the look on his face is ingrained in my memory forever... and the way his lip quivered and his cry...

not one of my finer moments.

i spent the next ten minutes holding him and while we both cried, rocking back and forth on the floor... me whispering "Mama loves you, baby.  Mama's sorry.  no pinching, baby, okay? mama loves you.  mama loves you."

Help? anyone? please??


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

I have SO SO been there.

Does that help?

Oh and "this too shall pass" .... trite but true, really.

Megan goes through meltdown phases whenever she is getting sick, but we never really realize it until well after the fact, when we suddenly link her irritability, occasional violent pinching and hair pulling and low patience and demands with the weeks-long flu/cold/fever cycle she subsequently went through.

Oh yeah and aren't you, like, knocked up and hormonal or something? That doesn't help with patience in my experience:)

Hope you are feeling well!

Pierrette said...

Whenever I feel like I am going to loose it I give myself a time out - C goes to his room to play and I sit in the washroom (it's the room closes to his) and take deep breaths in and out until I am somewhat calm.

I have also learned to pick my battles and it seems to minimize the fits.

michelle said...

He knows you love him still and while you may feel horrible about what happened there is a good chance he has already forgotten the incident. Your a good mom and dont you forget it :). I hope your mood gets better soon.

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