Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Rock Star

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and So? it's true. the diva and B-rad are going to have a baby rock star in a few months. i can't keep secrets from you guys. Aww. (seriously, i tried to hold it back, but it almost killed me!! eep!)

a few tidbits:
the baby is due at the end of August, a virgo baby if all goes well... which, for those that are into that kind of thing, will mean that all three of us will be earth signs (Taurus - yours truly, Capricorn - the B-rad, and Virgo baby)
i have been feeling really great. aside from my killer cold, i haven't suffered from any kind of baby illnesses (knock on wood)
i will try very hard not to become a mommy blogger, not that there's anything wrong with mommy bloggers...
B-rad and i are excited (after we got over the initial shock), twas an early festivus present.
and there you have it!

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