Tuesday, January 13, 2009


nights like tonight are hard.

I took Chewie for his six month vaccinations this morning, bright and early. It just kept going down hill from there. First of all, i had to wake him up to take him to the clinic... and you're NOT SUPPOSED TO WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! especially when he had a particularly rough night. he probably would have slept another hour or two, if not for his appointment.

But, i got him up, got him all bundly snug in his car seat, and ventured out to discover that it had snowed a good 10 cm or more over night and the roads were STUPID.

We got to the clinic even before the nurse did.

His initial reaction was good, as far as baby reactions go. He cried for a few seconds, and then got distracted by something.

We went home, he had a snooze, and then all hell broke loose. From noon onwards, he became the super clingy baby, and absolutely refused to be put down for any reason. He was feeling feverish and i'm sure he was feeling pretty shitty, so i let it slide.

All day he's been like this, poor little guy, and teething to top it all off nicely.

i just want to wrap him in a cloud of cuddles and make it all go away for him.

But that's not how tonight is going to play out.

This is Bedtime version 5 right now. Dad is in there rocking him back and forth singing "The Wall" to him. Hopefully it sticks, at least for a few hours.

Tomorrow will be better.


FourLeafClover said...

Yeah... needle days always suck. :( In un-needle related news, Sweetpea has been battling a fever for a couple days now. Same scenario... crazy clingly, feeling shitty... nights (and sleeps) sucking. :P

teeni said...

Tiddlypom. :(

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