Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank the Gods for Grandmas

Nights with a cranky teething baby has really shown me that I am thankful for:

  • My mother, who lives 25 minutes away
  • My husband who recognized that his wife needed some support
  • My husband who called my mother Saturday morning when he had to go out to his parents acreage to help build the house
  • My mother, who without batting an eye, came into the city to spend the day with me and Chewie.
  • My mother, who never commented on the lack of general housekeeping when she arrived
  • My mother, who rolled up her sleeves and cleaned my house with a baby on her hip so i could just put my head down on the couch and rest.
When B-rad told me he was going to call my mom to come in and hang out with me, i began to protest and he said: "This is why we moved back home, isn't it? for the family support? if you can't ask for help now, when can you?" He's a wise man, that B-rad


FourLeafClover said...

Very wise!

teeni said...

Well, duh! I knew he was wise cuz he married YOU! :) Glad you have him and glad your mom was able to pitch in and help. She's a good Grandma. :)

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