Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't Life Grand!?

Today is a big day for this humble little Rockstar blog! i was nominated by Pierette at The Wiseman Conspiracy for the Life Is Grand Award! isn't she sweet? (go on over and check out her blog) It's the first award i've ever received over here, and it's such a great one too! what do i do? well, i tell y'all five reasons why life is grand (I know, only five?) and then nominate five other bloggers to do the same!

So, to start off:

Five grand reasons to be alive!!

1. My beautiful and brilliant baby boy, Chewie, who surprises me each day with something new and incredible.
2. My fabulous, incredibly sexy husband who is super supportive and is a f*cking GREAT daddy!
3. Living in Canada where free health care is available - and competant medical staff who helped bring my son into the world and keep him alive until he was able to do it by himself, and we didn't go broke after it all.
4. B-rad and I being able to afford a house and get into the real estate game when we did. It was such a great feeling to finally own a house - a great house, and be free from renting and landlords, and have that sense of respect and ownership. yeah. That we both have great jobs and that we're able to be able to afford a few nice things.
5. Since B-rad and i moved back home we've found ourselves with a great support system of parents, family, and friends who have been so great this past year.

And now, to nominate!

Surprised Suburban Wife
2 Pink Lines
The Cheeseblog
Latte Mommy
Darth Mommy


Reesh said...

Awe you're so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me. I will try to post 5 things that are grand in my life in the next day or two...

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Goody another easy blog post! Although I could pretty much copy your list, just take out the hyphen in B-rad's name:)

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