Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick Baby

Last night B-rad and i woke up to Chewie crying around 3 am. After waiting to see if he'd cry it out, we heard coughing so i went in to check on him. Poor little dude was lying there in his crib, crying, covered in puke. And not the sour-milk baby puke, but full on hard core regurgitated semi digested vomit. It made me want to cry, the poor little man. So, i called b-rad in and we took off little Chewie's jammies and tried to clean him up as best we could, and b-rad changed his bedding and got him a new blanket.

I sat with him in the rocking chair, and offered him some mom-milk, but he just lay there in my arms looking up at me with his big blue eyes and pouty lips. My heartstrings were being plucked one at a time. We sat in the chair together, he fell asleep right away, but kept waking up with fits of vomiting. i tried to bring him into our bed when my butt and legs fell asleep from the rocker, but that seemed to make it worse. I figured that he probably didn't like laying down, that it made the nausea worse.

So Chewie and I, with a little help from B-rad, got ourselves all set up in the recliner couch downstairs. I spent the entire night/morning holding him and rocking him and cleaning him up until he finally slept a bit.

He actually ate around 6:45 this morning and kept it down, and is napping happily upstairs. and now, i can't sleep. i'm going to go lay down again in a few minutes. i called around to my family to see if anyone else was showing signs of sickness, as we all went swimming yesterday as a family (for family day) and everyone appears to be fine, so i'm thinking that he probably swallowed some of the pool water and that's what was making his tummy upset.

we'll see how the rest of the day goes. .....if all goes well, we will be back on solid foods this afternoon and will be taking a bath to get the puke out of little dude's hair and ears.

it's beautiful.


Pierrette said...

Hope he feels better soon, one of the best things for upset baby tummies is mommy milk...

Pierrette said...


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