Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happiness Is...

...walking into your room in the morning saying: "Who's In Here? Who's IN Here!??.....MY BABY!!! Hello Baby!!" you kick your legs and giggle and give me the best smiles every single time.

...the sheer joy you exude

...the way you love the cats, even though they are fairly indifferent towards you.

...preserving your memories in a scrapbook, cuz i'm totally a nerd that way.

...watching your dad play with you. You're very lucky to have such a great daddy.

...the way your chin sticks out when you smile

...eating your toes

...the soft spot where your neck meets your shoulders, and nibbling there

...watching you play and discover the world around you

...the way you grin when you walk to something or someone (with a little help from mom, of course), you look so pleased with yourself.

...the way your eyelashes glisten when they're wet with tears

...the smell of your hair


...the tiny hairs that cover your body, but especially the ones on your ears that light up when you're properly back-lit. la la la la la la la la....... and the other fun noises you make.

...your fascination with ceiling fans

...watching you learn to blow raspberries and covering us all in spit in the process

...the way you constantly wave your left arm in the air... even more so when you're excited about something

...discovering motherhood with you
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