Thursday, April 2, 2009

bathroom related tidbits

some things i thought i'd never have to say before becoming a mother:

* B-rad: "Honey!" he calls from the baby's room while changing his diaper
Laura: "what?"
B-rad: "Come here! You have to see this!"
Laura: "See what?"
B-rad: "He's pooping! It looks so weird!"
Laura: "Yeah, i've seen it!"

* "Don't pee on mommy!! And for that matter, if you could refrain from pooping on me too, that'd be just swell"

* "Hey! Where did this poop come from!?" in response to random poop found in the house

* singing to the tune of Mexican Hat Dance: "do-Doo do-Doo do-Doo!! We don't Poop in the Bath!!!"

* while changing a diaper: "Aw, C'mon! puh-lease don't try to eat your poopy diaper!"

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