Monday, June 22, 2009

In two weeks i'll be back at work. I know, the last year has just flown by, and as much as i hate to do it, i have to start preparing my life for the huge change that will be daycare and job. sigh. I have been avoiding this for the last 6 months but with only 2 weeks left before Chewie's birthday, i can avoid it no longer.

The plus side is that daycare is only 2 blocks away, and i've heard nothing but good things. Still, leaving my son with strangers doesn't particularly make me all giddy inside.

Someone asked me the other day whether or not B-rad and i were going to have another baby, and if so, how far apart did we want them to be. My initial answer was: "Yes, and about 2 years apart" and then i started thinking about the fact that 2 years apart means we'd have to start seriously thinking about baby #2 in the next 3 months. ACK! i can't even process that right now, i mean Chewie is finally at a really fun stage - he's got personality, he's hilarious, he smiles and is such a chatterbox, and he's very mobile and starting to gain independence. I can't imagine doing all this right now, going through the motions of early pregnancy, and hauling him around when i'm as big as a house....

so, from right here - 2 years seems awfully close, but i don't really want them much farther apart because i'd like them to be playmates. Such a conundrum.

What about you guys? How far apart are your kids, how did that play out during pregnancy? I need all the help/advice i can get as that "3 month" marks is getting ever closer.... time to start planning again!?

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Mrs. Dymund said...

My girls are 17 months apart. That knocked me on my ass for a year-and-a-half after Lilah was born, but the pregnancy part was great. Rowan was still taking two two-hour naps a day and sleeping fourteen hours at night. I just joined in all the sleeping.

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