Thursday, July 16, 2009

sad sick little boy

Chewie has now been a daycare baby for over a week.

I have no idea of whether or not the little guy is adjusting because he's been sick for the last two weeks.

Seriously, like, its just one thing on top of another... and i'm waiting patiently for him to feel better.... lets go through the gamut, shall we?

  • Tuesday 7th - Receives his 1 year immunizations.
  • Wednesday 8th - First day at work for me, first day of daycare for Chewie. The verdict, daycare has a PUPPY, so he could care less that as i was leaving him, my heart was breaking... i cried all the way to work...
  • Wednesday night - he starts feeling the effects of the first shot, and is awake all night. Fevery and achey, nothing new, much like the last times. However, he does not sleep and there for neither do i.
  • Thursday 9th, Call in sick to work and call in sick to Daycare while Chewie recovers.
  • Early Friday morning 10th, my brother's baby is born - Chewie goes to daycare, is fine but has sniffles
  • Saturday 11th, full blown cold for the little man
  • Sunday 12th, PINK EYE!! That's right, pink eye. So, off he goes to the doctor... He has a fever all night and still has his cold so he has a hard time sleeping... i find out that Pink Eye is very common with the Measles... so the fever + pink eye corresponds with the measles/mumps vaccination...
  • Monday 13th, Chewie stays home from daycare with pink eye. Daddy stays home with him, even though he makes more money than i do and doesn't get paid sick days... i couldn't call in sick a third day in a row.
  • Tuesday 14th, Chewie is feverish all day at daycare... and attempts to chomp my hand off... hm....
  • Wednesday 15th, feverish all day at daycare, falls asleep on the living room floor, not napping well, not eating well, still has terrible cold with snotty nose... i put him to bed at 6:45 and he slept until 10:30 - i went in last night and he was boiling... hot hot hot... so we cuddled in bed and he was droooooly... so shall we add teething to the mix? might as well... he is also, likely reacting to the chicken pox vaccine, which - i'm not even sure he should have received... they certainly never asked about that one, i thought it was voluntary? dunno.

He slept all night and this morning was pretty mellow... i'm really hoping that he starts to feel better, cuz it sure breaks my heart to see him so sickly...

aw. little sweetie pie.

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Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Poor Chewie! What a rough start to the whole new daycare/work lifetsyle.
I can't BELIEVE that he got vaccianted for chicken pox without you specifically requesting/permitting it. That sounds like such irresponsible health care! We agonized over that vaccine, and the MMR vaccine,but ultimately Megan got both, although I am still regreting the varicella. sigh. Parenting = too many Big Important Decisions that could Affect Someone's Life Forever.

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