Saturday, November 7, 2009

a kwestshun

Hey folks,

how do you know or decide when your little munchkin is ready to make the big move from two naps to just one?

Chewie is 16 months old now (14 months corrected age) and some days i think maybe he's ready - but then when we try it out...Oh Em Gee, the terror that ensues.

When did your kids move from 2 to 1? and how did that transition go?


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

We let daycare make that transition when Megan started at 13 months old. They simply don't do two naps a day past one, so she adjusted. It sucked for quite a while, and on weekends or days off she'd still take two naps with us but do one at daycare. Even now if she is tired or getting sick, she'll sometimes take an early nap around 11:30 or noon, then a late nap around 4pm, but the 2nd one is usually no more than 20-30 minutes.

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