Friday, May 16, 2008

Beware the Beached Whale


last night my friend J and i went to an Aquafit class for expectant mothers.... Preggos.

Let me tell ya, if you wanna see something cute and hilarious, go watch a pre-natal aquafit class. the majority of the women there were wearing little Tankini's, but all the moving around in the water pushed their little tanks up... so all around me were bouncing, huffing, women with varying stages of round bellies poking out of the water.

it felt good, though, to get in the water and to be able to move (somewhat) freely, without being weighed down in the front by my Little Rock Star. At one point, we were doing a move with Pool noodles that required us to float on our backs with our legs crunched up to our chests, then extend the legs down and then to the back so we were floating on our bellies.

i cried out: "I haven't been in this position for over 6 months!!"

J and i are going to try to get to an aquafit class at least a few times a week. Might be a little tricky in the upcoming summer months... but just to get in the water is incentive enough.


FourLeafClover said...

Congrats on taking classes! I always went on long walks with Longlegs to keep in shape and with Sweetpea, I didn't have to - I just ran around all day after Longlegs! :)

Mrs. Dymund said...

I loved doing aquafit during my first pregnancy, but the first time I climbed out of the pool after a class, the weight of the bump hit me like a truck and almost knocked me back into the water.

Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Swimming was the BEST thing while pregnant! Oh, the memories! Enjoy your time now and do some things for yourself before Chewie arrives! :-)

Eva said...

Swimming pregnant IS super fun - good for you! I loved prenatal anything because I met such great women, who live close to me and are all on mat leave at the same time. Yep, built in momma friends.

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