Friday, May 2, 2008


I'm not too thrilled about these leg cramps.
Seriously, is there anything worse than being jarred awake by your calf muscle turning to stone??

i've had three now. 2 in the right leg, and one in the left. The worst part - other than the initial leg crampage, is the feeling that for, like, 2 days afterwards your leg could go AGAIN at ANY TIME!! it's like walking on two ticking time bombs of pain!

boo-frikkin-urns i say to that.

Oh hey! did i tell y'all that this friend is expecting again? and she's due at the beginning of October!! it's great, i'm super happy for her, and super excited that i have someone close to me who's going through the same stuff at relatively the same time.

She's the one who's hooking me up with a Midwife. Hopefully.

Anyway, on Sunday we're going to a Film Festival for International Midwives Day. Midwifery was just made "acceptable" in The Skatch a few months ago. It was always legal, but very expensive as you were essentially paying they're insurance fees on top of their services. But now that the health region has decided that they're an important part of the process, they've agreed to make midwifery coverable under our health care! WOO, Go Canadian Health Care!

So, B-rad and I, and our friends will be attending the films to learn more about Midwives, and Doulas. Anything i can think of to not have to deal with Doctors and Medical staff in hospitals. A pregnant woman is not sick and shouldn't have to go where the sick people go to give birth.

there. i said it. lol
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