Friday, May 30, 2008

Day #90

Dear Chewie,
Yesterday i found something awesome!
I was thinking about when i was little, my mom (your Grandma D) used to sing us to sleep with a song that was trapped in the back of my head...
Have you heard about the children's train?
That in the dim twilight
Takes you off to Sleepyland
And keeps you there all night.
It is a very fast express
And goes, I understand,
To Sleepytown. The Capital
off good old Sleepyland.
Then Choo Choo Chooo
Then Engine Puffs.
Ding Dong, Ding Dong Bell
The whistle blows
Over Hill and Dell
Tickets! Tickets!
Please hold them in your hand!
A good night kiss will do, as well,
For fare to Sleepyland.
And i knew there were more words... i just knew it!! So i did some research and found... Then entire song! The sheet music!!
I am so excited. This song will now be part of your childhood memories too!!
Love Mama


Paige Stanton said...

My Oma used to sing this song to us!

FourLeafClover said...

Now that's cool! What a find!

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