Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Part Four...

The labour and delivery is kind of a blur, but if you ask B-rad he'd probably tell you that i was transformed into a primal animal...

The short story is - birth is an amazing and crazy experience that you really can't pin down with words. But i did it all with out drugs, no epidurals, no episiotomies, just a tiny tear and when B-rad told me we had a son we both broke down and sobbed.

Because he was so early, they were worried about his lungs - they had the NICU staff there and ready to assess the little guy.

His lungs were good enough to cry his first little cry.

I only got to hold him for about thirty seconds before they took him away, but when they put him in my arms, i said: "Hey little guy" he opened his eyes and looked at me. Best moment ever. But over too soon before he was wheeled away.

To help with his breathing, he was intubated and when we were able to go down to the NICU (after a shower and getting settled in our hospital room) it was really hard to seem him on assisted breathing, and attached to so many monitors and hooked up to IVs.

We had a little visit, but not being able to hold him was so hard. So hard.

When we went down to NICU later that night, he was already extubated and breathing on his own after only 8 hours. We knew then he's a fighter.


Reesh said...

No kidding he's a fighter! Do you know yet why he was so early?

So glad you got to experience a natural birth like you wanted, not at home, but with no drugs at least. It really is such an amazing experience that is so incredibly hard to put into words.

savia said...

What a whirlwind. I'm so glad he's healthy. And he's looking extra cute in your latest batch of pictures. It's amazing the difference one week makes at this stage!

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

I'm so glad it worked out ok after all the drama and interference of the frustrating early hours at the hospital. Looking forward to reading more about your new life! Thanks for sharing this experience in so much detail!

i am the diva said...

We're not sure why he was early, probably annoyed by the UTI - also the cord was wrapped around his neck, maybe he just wanted to see me and had no patience? Being able to do it drug-free was incredible. i've never been so proud of myself.

yeah, the little gaffer is pretty effin cute.

Me too. I'm still a little upset that things went the way they did - but i'm so happy to have my son healthy and getting stronger everyday that hardly seems to matter. My biggest thing that i'm still having a hard time dealing with is that he never got to be put on my chest, and that i've hardly been able to have an skin to skin contact with him. Sigh.

Hopefully we'll be able to make up for lost time when he gets home.

cheesefairy said...

Oh big congratulations again...good for you on your drug free birth.

But did the doula and the nurse come to blows? I must know!

FourLeafClover said...

Congrats. You are so blessed. :)

i am the diva said...

well it was close - but in the end Sunava and Debbie found a way to work together and get that baby the eff out of me! Sunava was putting essential oils on my and in my hair, and on B-rad; things like Grapefruit, or Peppermint, or Fir... and i think what maybe did it was when she put some on Debbie too, that made her feel included i think.

thank you thank you thank you.

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