Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Update...

This is just a quick note to say that i'm going to be mostly offline for a little while.

B-rad and i delivered a healthy baby boy Saturday afternoon. 2 months early. He's still at the hospital in Intensive Care, but he's strong and was breathing on his own after only 8 hours on a ventilator

The official stats:
4lbs 11oz
18.5 " long

The labour story is really interesting, but i'll save it for another day.
for now, rest for me.



Reesh said...

Gah?!?!? You had your baby!!! Congrats! Hope you are all doing great and not feeling too scared right now. Sounds like he's a fighter and is super strong just like his mommy. You are a mommy!!

Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you two.. Umm, three!

Let me know if you need anything... I still have pretty much all of my munchkin's baby things. (I hope you still have my email)!


Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Congratulations! I hope he continues to fight and breathe and that you recover from the physical and emotional shocks of the past few days. Take care of yourself and your boy...and we look forward to hearing the birth story:)

cheesefairy said...

whoa - congratulations!!

all the best to you and wee chewie. take good care of each other.

Deb said...

Well to the world little baby boy!

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